At Summerhill, we leverage our 25-year history of expert customer engagement to develop an impactful, educational experience that takes your customers on a journey from awareness to understanding to action.

Taking customers on that journey and creating that change of mind is more effective with Summerhill because we engage people in your communities in the most profound way. We hire some of them.

Our Local Team Advantage involves recruiting staff from your communities who are trained to operate a local Summerhill office. The typical staff complement can include:

  • Program Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Call Center Representatives
  • Incentive Reimbursement Agents
  • In-Field Representatives

Hiring locally brings more jobs to your communities and creates a motivated team that knows the neighbourhoods where they will be deploying programs. The result is increased customer engagement and more lasting energy efficiency results.

We work with:

  • Electric and Gas Utilities
  • Investor-Owned Utilities
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Cooperative Utilities
  • Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations


When it comes to energy efficiency, there’s no place like home.

No matter where they live, your customers’ homes are often the most immediate touch-points in energy efficiency. From retail programs to home performance programs, to direct install measures, we develop innovative approaches that help your customers use energy more wisely, all across North America.

At the heart of our residential programs is a disciplined and strategically coordinated plan that prioritizes the most effective tactics while adhering to well-defined budgets and timelines. This approach drives greater customer engagement quickly and measurably.


Retail Programs
Summerhill is an innovator in the design and delivery of utility-driven retail programs. In fact, our in-store events and engagement techniques have been heralded as the key to success for our program model and is why we implement 100% of the outsourced retail programs in Canada.
Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) Direct Install Programs
The MURB direct install program introduces tenants and property owners/managers to the benefits of energy efficiency by installing free, low-cost conservation measures. Summerhill engages property owners/managers who help facilitate the work of our Local Ambassadors to install products and educate residents on energy efficient behaviours. Summerhill ensures results are monitored through custom quality assurance systems based on meeting client needs. Where feasible, Summerhill will engage residents and cross-promote other approved energy efficiency programs.
Rural and Remote Community Programs
Uniquely, Summerhill has developed a proven capability to design and deliver programs that meet the needs of isolated communities across Canada. Our efforts focus on community-based capacity building (hiring and training local installers) and community knowledge development. We also develop data tracking and quality control auditing tools specifically suited to assessing remote program impact.
Appliance Retirement Programs
Summerhill has developed and implemented a range of appliance exchange, collection and recycling programs, including programs for: room air conditioners, microwaves and refrigerators. Building off our strong retail sector relationships, we have been able to cost-effectively engage consumers at in-store events to educate and influence consumer decision making.
Home Performance/Assistance Programs

Summerhill has developed programs that make it easier for people to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, even those in lower income markets. We develop the marketing tactics that enlist homeowners to book appointments for an energy audit of their home. Our customized in-field auditing application allows auditors to collect all the information through a hand-held device – and helps us work with the homeowner to install energy efficient products in their residence.

Case Studies

In-home energy audits measure efficiency, provide products and offer rebates.

Home Assistance Program (HAP) helps homeowners improve energy efficiency.the energy efficiency of their homes.

Residential New Construction
Summerhill works with builders to meet the demands of Residential New Construction Programs in their area. Summerhill can assist the builder in many ways including reviewing building plans, generating reports, assisting with processing applications for any applicable utility incentives that may be available, and ensuring that everything meets the program requirements.
Innovation Pilot Programs
Summerhill strives to bring fresh ideas, concepts and pilot projects to utilities, retailers and manufacturers. We have the experience and customer-centred analytics to continue to improve approaches to the market and develop next generation conservation strategies.


Energy efficiency is good business.

The commercial sector is the largest source of energy savings for utilities. At
Summerhill, we know that understanding the business realities our clients face is
essential if our program is going to get the job done.

That’s why Summerhill is committed to a client-centric approach that ensures we always
provide robust program designs with unsurpassed customer engagement, and world
class program management.

Client-Centric Thinking Works

The core deliverable of our client-centric approach is identifying and addressing your
organization’s particular needs and goals. This is essential for Summerhill to develop
proactive programs that create stronger relationships with customers while achieving measurable, cost-effective results for our clients. This approach ensures our programs
are clearly aligned with our client’s expectations and deployed as they were intended.

We start with an in-depth discovery process that seeks to understand:

  • Historical delivery hurdles
  • Perceived program barriers
  • Our client’s ideal delivery solution
  • Our client’s reason for offering the program

We then leverage this information to design and implement new programs, either in
response to a Request for Proposal (RFP), or when our clients come to us to innovate
on their behalf.


Tenant Engagement for Building Owners and Property Managers
Tenant behaviour can be a decisive factor in affecting a building’s efficiency and performance. Summerhill has had great success in designing, facilitating and implementing tenant engagement programs that are interesting and effective. Our approach connects the building owner/manager and tenants as partners in the project to achieve higher levels of performance.
Sector-Specific Programs (hospitals, schools and other institutions)
Energy efficiency is an important consideration for a small to medium-sized business, but they do not always have the resources to address anything beyond emergency issues. Summerhill works with businesses in the commercial sector, such as restaurants and hotels, strategically advising them on appropriate energy efficiency incentives available from the local utilities as well as networks and strategies to plan and execute energy efficient retrofits.
Small Business Lighting Programs
This innovative program targets small businesses by offering a turnkey service that helps them upgrade to more efficient lighting. It starts with free on-site lighting assessment, followed up with incentives to upgrade lighting and completed by full lighting installation, including dealing with quotes, contractors and clean up.
Roving Energy Management
By focusing on the needs of customers, for information, access, and support, Summerhill brings the key account program support experience to medium and even smaller-sized businesses. Our team is able to bring program and industry knowledge to support application development, project design, and business case development for small to medium-sized business.
Lead Generation
Traditional utility customer data is no longer sufficient to tailor conservation outreach and application lead generation. Summerhill works to improve these data-sets and engage customers on the range of options available to support their conservation efforts. The result is a working database of customers and a plethora of new applicant leads.

Summerhill Energy Efficiency and Product Stewardship Programs

Toronto Hydro has enjoyed a very productive relationship with Summerhill since we launched our mass-market conservation program. They are professional, detail-oriented and have a firm grasp on how to execute consumer-focused programs that deliver results you can measure. — Anthony Haines, President and CEO, Toronto Hydro Corporation