New Brunswick (NB) Power Home Insulation
Energy Savings Program


Interested in developing a streamlined home insulation audit service, NB Power approached Summerhill to custom-design an audit focused on insulation and air-sealing for electrically-heated homes. NB Power also asked Summerhill to include the installation of energy-efficient products such as LEDs during the initial customer appointments.


Summerhill created the NB Power Home Insulation Energy Savings Program. The program’s aim is to provide information and incentives to homeowners that will help reduce their energy consumption through targeted air-sealing and insulation upgrades in electrically-heated homes.

Once NB Power customers request an audit by filling out an application, an auditor is scheduled to perform the audit at the customer’s home. Summerhill hires, trains and deploys a team of auditors to provide province-wide service. The audit appointment includes the installation of LEDs, low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads, and other energy-efficient products. Summerhill also provides an in-field auditing application that allows auditors to collect all the information through a handheld device. They perform QA on all audits conducted by their team of auditors.

Soon after the audit, the homeowner receives a report suggesting upgrades and including eligible rebate amounts. The homeowner then has five months to make the recommended upgrades. In order for the customer to receive their rebate, a follow-up audit is conducted to ensure the quality of the work and effectiveness of the upgrade.


  • NB Power requested a home installation audit service
  • The NB Power Home Insulation Energy Savings Program was developed to offer customers education, products and incentives
  • • 1,800+ audits completed and 18,000+ energy-efficient products installed


Since the program began in 2015, Summerhill has performed over 1,800 audits and installed over 18,000 energy-efficient products in customers’ homes. With interest in the program spreading, it is on track to complete more than 1,000 audits in 2017 alone. The Home Insulation Energy Savings Program remains the flagship residential energy-efficiency program for NB Power.