Energy Efficiency Alberta: Residential
Improvement Rebates Program


Energy Efficiency Alberta, a Government of Alberta agency dedicated to helping the province save energy, needed a fast-launch, home performance/retrofit program for home energy-evaluation professionals. They asked Summerhill to design a program that would:

  • Value all energy savings equally;
  • Provide rebates based on modeled/anticipated energy savings, and;
  • Attract the contractor community as key stakeholders for program delivery.


Summerhill followed these guidelines to develop the Home Improvement Rebates Program, which offers a variety of home improvement rebates based on projected energy savings:

  • ENERGY STAR® hot water heaters ($1,000)
  • ENERGY STAR triple-pane, low-E, argon windows ($1,500 max.)
  • Insulation installed in attics, main walls and basement walls ($3,500 max.)

The program allows for a total of up to $6,000 in energy rebates for homeowners.

To make the process easier for the contractors who would be making these energy-efficient upgrades, Summerhill started by working with their software partner to turn Excel-based calculators into online, mobile-optimized, rebate calculators.

These online tools allow participating contractors to provide accurate, on-site rebate estimates. Since many of the contractors are unfamiliar with the technology, training tools (including a narrative video) walk them through the use of the platform. Summerhill also offers resources to support contractors through the sale and quoting process and to help them review claims, process payments and handle customer queries.


  • Residential home improvement program offers rebates based on energy savings
  • Participating contractors can help homeowners receive up to $6,000
  • In first six months of program, 800+ contractors registered, 3,000 homeowners participated and 33.6k GJ of first-year energy savings captured


The Residential Retail Products Program established a price per kilowatt “nega-watt” rate environment for residential energy efficiency. This has created program flexibility for Energy Efficiency Alberta, allowing them to add or remove measures and increase/decrease the nega-wattprice per kilowatt rate. As a platform, the program has provided the energy agency with a streamlined opportunity they can combine with municipal partner programs.

The program has also been a big success with participating contractors and Alberta homeowners who appreciate the performance-based rebates created by the program.

Within the first six months, the program provided excellent results:

  • 800+ contractors completed registration and training
  • 3,000 Alberta residents had rebate claims approved
  • 33.6k GJ of first-year energy savings had been captured
  • 1,857 tons of CO2e eliminated year over year going forward
  • Alberta homeowners invested nearly $15.5M in their homes through local contractors to receive $1.8M in rebates ($8.63 invested: $1 paid back)

“This program is going to make Alberta’s homes healthier and more comfortable, and it’s going to reduce bills too. It’s a win-win-win.”

Jay Nordenstrom

Executive Director at the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, Canada (NAIMA Canada)