Summerhill’s Local Team Advantage: Why is it so important?

Summerhill’s exclusive Local Team Advantage gives our clients the most meaningful advantage: Trust with the community.

The insight that drives our program development and implementation is enlisting and activating a fully trained Local Summerhill office and team of Summerhill local associates. They are from your community and on the ground in your community, to develop, manage and deploy energy efficiency programs.

Because these Local Teams know more about the people and the issues in the community than a distant corporate office could ever hope to understand and appreciate.

  • Local Teams are motivated by their interest in the health and sustainability of their communities.
  • Local Teams are passionate faces and voices for your energy efficiency program.
  • Local Teams build greater trust with each customer they meet as they help them in their journey to changing the way they see and use energy.

By enlisting people right in your communities, we leverage this Local Team Advantage to build trust, increase understanding and exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering the
results they want for their energy efficiency programs.

Summerhill Energy Efficiency and Product Stewardship Programs

Toronto Hydro has enjoyed a very productive relationship with Summerhill since we launched our mass-market conservation program. They are professional, detail-oriented and have a firm grasp on how to execute consumer-focused programs that deliver results you can measure. — Anthony Haines, President and CEO, Toronto Hydro Corporation